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Meet Bacardi - Granite States' Dog of the Month
Sometimes there is a dog that truly touches your heart and soul, and you have to ask yourself why and how the heck does this hap- pen? You ask yourself over and over again what do we do to help this dog? You constantly repeat over and over again wondering what the next steps to take and are we doing the right thing?
So all of us at Granite State Dog Recovery would like to take you on a journey. A journey with a dog who is named Bacardi. Bacardi is a kind gentle soul, who is one heck of a house hippo dressed in a tiger suit. When you take Bacardi out on a walk you kind feel like you are walking a snail, but boy does our GSDR TEAM LOVE OUR SNAIL.
Bacardi has had a totally rough go in life. Bacardi was left behind in a house when his fam- ily got up & moved away without ever looking back. There is no pleasant way to even say it, other than he was abandoned like a total piece of trash.
We are unsure how long Bac- ardi had to fend for himself for food and water while he waited for his family to come back for him, but they never did. Bacardi was taken out of the one house he ever knew by animal control. Bacardi, then sat in a shelter sur- rounded by cold concrete walls with lots of barking and carrying on, continuously.
At the end of January, GSDR welcomed Bacardi into our GSDR Home, and he was quickly
adopted by a family that truly loved him, but sadly it did not work out.
When Bacardi was returned their was not a dry eye in the house, which totally rocked for
everyone involved including Bac- ardi, who quickly bonded with them.
So this is where we need your help!!! Bacardi is looking for a foster family or foster to adopt where he can be your one and only dog and where he can be with someone that works from home or can bring him to work.
Bacardi is neutered male that is approx. 5-6 years of age. This guy is a lab possibly mastiff mix or plott hound mix and weighs 82 pounds.
Bacardi is a loyal compan- ion but has SEVERE separation anxiety and is having a really hard time adjusting to being alone. Honestly, how do you blame him? This poor dog is terrified that he will be forgotten and no one will return back to care for him.
He deserves the security and love of a forever home.
If you are interested in help- ing Bacardi, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at
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408 Mayhew Turnpike Bridgewater, NH 03222
Lakes Region Scrap Metal
Dominic Iovino 603-273-2577

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