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By carolyn J. Phinney Personal PoWer life coach
New beginnings. Who wants to experience a new beginning? To start fresh and to experience the new; to forgive yourself of the past mistakes, to let them go, and to forge forward into a new beginning of this life experience?
If I asked you what is a new beginning for you, what would you say? For me, I have had many. I was divorced and re- married – two new beginnings there. My husband and I started a business together 11 years ago – new beginning. We closed that business, packed our house up and moved 500 miles away to the incredible state of New Hampshire last year – new begin- ning. Some new beginnings can be massive while others may be small. Forgiving someone can be a new beginning. Telling yourself a new story of why you can do it, can be a new beginning. Shoot, sometimes just going to bed after
a bad day and waking up with a good attitude is a new beginning! New beginnings may be scary. They require courage, faith, and hope. For us humans we tend
to really get in our own way of growing. For a daffodil to grow, it only takes instinct. For the trees to start their new growth, they have complete faith in mother nature and her cycles. For us hu- mans, we question. We analyze. We think of worst-case scenarios that freeze us in our tracks. We ask other people’s opinions on our own new beginning and our own life path.
Can you imagine if all the flowers, trees, and other spring growth had a human brain? HA HA! What would the conversa- tion be like? “Hmm, I feel the desire to grow but what would happen if I popped out and its cold? I better just stay here and just not do anything. Worst case is, I don’t grow, and I slowly die. But that’s better than taking a
chance of it being cold and in- stantly freezing!” or how about; “Ethel, I’m thinking about reach- ing out over to this limb to spread out and grow more grapes. What do you think?” Ethel, who is a shrub, says “oh no! what if the limb can’t hold you? What if there are grubs over there just waiting to eat you up? Better to just stay here. You know what is going on here. Why take the chance?”
As silly as it sounds, isn’t that what we do? Even when new beginnings are forced upon us – we wait, we question, and we question some more. Sometimes so much that finally, we have no other choice, and we get shoved into our new beginning.
Do you have a new beginning that has been pulling at you? What is it? What is holding you back? What would it look like if you acted with the instinct that is inside of you aching to be used? What would it look it if
you moved forward entirely with faith in yourself? What would it look if you relied on your own instinct of growth and knew that everything was going to work out perfectly for you? Ask yourself those questions. Have the cour- age to answer them.
New beginnings could be a new project, a new way of life, a new way of eating or exercis- ing, or even making the choice to wake up with a different attitude that provides you the opportu- nity to live your best life. Maybe you have been fighting the new beginning out of fear, anxiety, or what you may think others will say. OK, maybe. The great thing about new beginnings is this; they can start at any time
all the way up until you no lon- ger walk this planet. After that, in my opinion, you start another new beginning. But, for now, while you are here, think about all the things that are pulling you. The new beginnings that are aching to grow, to be, and to have you experience. Start your new beginning/beginnings this month. Have fun with your ad- venture and tap into the power of the Northern Hemisphere as it starts its own collective new be- ginning this March with the first day of Spring!
Carolyn J. Phinney is an certified Personal and Business Coach/Reiki Master/Law of Attraction Master Coach/Yoga Instructor and can be reached at
March - The Time for New Beginnings
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