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Book of the Month: Fable by Adrienne Young
By BRittany amalfi
Adrienne Young tells the story of a young girl named Fable who will stop at nothing to find her father. Four years ago, Fable watched her mother drown at sea, and then her father left her on a dangerous island full of thieves. Fueled by her need to get off the island and demand a place in her powerful father’s crew, Fable learned how to survive by becom- ing extremely resourceful and trusting no one. With her moth- er’s skills and father’s cunning spirit in her back pocket, she will do whatever it takes to grab the life she rightfully deserves.
When the opportunity arises, Fable enlists the help of West, a young trader with a dark past. Fable, West, and the rest of the crew set out on a journey at sea, but Fable soon finds that she isn’t the only one on deck keeping se- crets about who they are. And as different threats and treacherous storms begin to close in on them, our heroine learns that to be a
survivor, she must embrace the deepest, darkest trenches of the sea.
This certainly was a grip- ping tale filled with adventure, romance, and most of all heart- breaking lies. Fable by Adrienne Young is a beautifully written ad- venture that sets the scene with a dangerous world at sea where everyone does what they need to survive. The world-building in this story is absolutely incred- ible, with vivid descriptions and cutthroat characters. There’s no room for gentleness here because one slip-up can have you floating at the bottom of the ocean. The perilous environment of The Narrows is what raised the stakes for our fierce protagonist, Fable. In order to survive on her own, she relied on her wits and skills to become a masterful dredger to earn her keep. While Fable herself drove this story to an ab- solutely insane ending, the other characters added some well- needed humor and wit. West,
the swoon-worthy captain of the ship, would have been Captain Jack Sparrow’s best friend with how well he managed his motley pirate crew. Not to mention, he harbored some dark secrets. But that’s what makes the mystery so much better!
Fable is the type of female character that had me throwing my fist in the air. With her quick wits and crafty mind, she had ex- actly what it takes to survive the savage island of Jeval by keeping her head down and learning the rules of the game. Throughout
the story, everything she did, every turn she took, screamed survivor, but she was so much more by the end of this book. She was a fighter.
Adrienne Young fueled my found family heart with the fleshed-out, flawed characters in this book. Forced to fend for herself all this time, Fable finally found a home on West’s ship with his crew. Four years ago, Fable lost both her mother and her father in forty-eight hours, but she found her family with a twist of fate and some lucky copper.
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