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Book of the Month: All These Bodies by Kendare Blake
 By BRittany amalfi
It’s officially spooky month! And what better way to kick off October than with an eerie, bone-chilling story that might have you checking the darkest corners of your house? For any- one who enjoys a murder mys- tery with some creepy twists and turns, All These Bodies by Kend- are Blake is the book for you. All These Bodies tells the story of an infamous murder mystery ti- tled “The Bloodless Murders,” where multiple people are found dead with their bodies drained of all blood and no explanation. The people in the middle of it all? A fifteen-year-old girl and a teenage boy she’ll only tell her story to. When bodies com- pletely drained of blood litter the Midwest, seventeen-year-old
Michael Jensen channels his journalistic dreams to get to the bottom of it.
When a well-beloved fam- ily is killed in Black Deer Falls, Michael’s tiny hometown, the “Bloodless Murders” become all too real for this sleepy town. When Marie Catherine Hale is found at the crime scene cov- ered in blood, all eyes are on Black Deer Falls as the investi- gation takes some dark turns. When Marie claims Michael is the only one she’ll tell her story to, the aspiring journalist jumps at the chance hoping it will help be his ticket out of his small town and solve the mur- ders. But when Marie’s stories start turning cryptic to creepy, Michael isn’t sure what he got himself into.
All These Bodies was a creepy story that had me sleeping with the lights on because Blake’s stunning story sent chills up my spine with every page. I loved
how even though this story was a murder mystery, Blake didn’t shy away from the human con- nection between two young teens. Michael and Marie’s re- lationship from start to finish was an integral part of the story and had me wondering where they would be at the end. Marie was a true enigma, and Michael wanted to solve her puzzle. The small-town feel of the charac- ters in this story brought the set- ting to life as they rallied around not only the victims but Marie herself, not believing that such a young girl could be capable of such heinous crimes. But no matter, as more facts came out about the murders and Marie, many people in the town didn’t know what to believe, just like me.
That is precisely what made this story so enthralling—I didn’t know what to believe or what was real. There were mo- ments where I was rooting for Marie, and there were moments where I thought she was as guilty as can be. Nothing about this story was predictable, which would have any readers turning the pages as fast as they could. I’m glad Marie told Michael her story because it certainly was one that had to be known. For anyone who is looking for a fresh new mystery with some frightening, blood-thirsty twists and turns, be sure to check out this book! All These Bodies will not disappoint. It’s time to get into the spooky mood, folks!
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