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By mJC
  Off the Hook
Fall Fishing Tips for Largemouth and Bronzebacks
 It’s not too late to catch the big one! This time of year is when the big females start to feed heavily, prepping for win- ter. I have caught most of my big bass, usually over five pounds, at this time of year, and it’s mostly at night when we are in the full moon phase. As the moon waxes and wanes, the big girls come out to party. My lures of choice are my two go-to lures for the fall: the double mini buzz bait and spin- nerbaits, and I’ve had my best luck with whites and chartreuse. The best conditions are windless or light wind for buzz baits, and spinnerbaits are unaffected by wind, so it’s a fantastic all-around bait. The topwater strikes are violent and very visceral, and if fishing at night with limited vis- ibility, you are dependent on feel and sound. With both of these
baits, vary the speed and twitch. Remember how fast your re- trieve was when they hit. I use these two baits almost exclusively at night, not only during the fall but spring and summer, as search baits for active feeders. I like to use a stinger hook and a trailer to increase the size, so it’s easier for them to find and attack.
If fishing dur-ing the daylight hours, try to fish shallow rocks wherever you find them, espe- cially when the sun has been out and heating them up on colder days. I prefer spin-
ning gear for both applications, al- though in tight spots, a bait-caster is a good choice for line control and precise presentation.
As far as a technique for the buzz baits, I like to have the bait
moving before hitting the surface. With spinnerbaits, I prefer to
drop, a twitch, or two, then re- trieve, adjust both as necessary until I get a reaction. Make sure to fish shallowly and cover a lot of water. If the lily
pads and weeds are still in good shape and have color, beat them hard. Typically, I like to fish paral- lel to the weed line and don’t pass up riprap when you find it. Also, fish ramps heavily; that’s where most fish are released after tour- naments. They will hang there for a bit, so if there was a tournament recently, invest some time there. Fall fishing can be very produc- tive, and the natural beauty en- hanced with the autumn foliage is time well spent, especially if we are blessed with a warm spell, bright sunny days spent with a friend, on the water with the trees seemingly on fire, time well spent! Good luck and have fun.
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