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pletely different way of life. The whole story was highly enter- taining as we got to know each character and what they wanted the most out of this life. It was a pleasant coming-of-age book with different characters that many readers can relate to. And even though there were multi- ple conflicts (a story isn’t a story without one!), it was still a light and happy read that constantly made me smile. So if you’re looking for a good YA fiction book that puts a different twist on America, American Royals is the one to pick up!
 Book of the Month: American Royals by Katharine McGee
  By BRittany amalfi
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if America was a monarchy? Well, in this fun- filled Young Adult contemporary, America won the Revolutionary War, and George Washington was crowned the first King of America. Now, in the present day, American Royals follow the Washington descendants as they navigate the royalty of America. Beatrice, the First Daughter, is set to be the first woman to in- herit the throne after her father, but she soon realizes that it might not be the life she wants. Saman- tha, Beatrice’s younger sister, just wants to be seen like Beatrice, but the second daughter is often overlooked. Nina, Samantha’s best friend and average com- moner, gets in way over her head when she falls for the Washington Prince, and Daphne, a cunning and ambitious socialite, will do whatever it takes to get in with the royal family. These four girls may have different goals, but when it comes to living a royal life in America, everything is cut- throat, and some might not have the drive to stay in the game.
Katharine McGee has crafted an America that lives under a monarchy, and the drama is as messy as you would think. With all of the characters being so different from each other, there is no shortage of entertainment as these four main characters
try to navigate a life of luxury. Even with the intense drama, however, Mcgee does an excel- lent job keeping a balance with the humor and fluff intertwined in the story. It turned out to be a feel-good read while being enter- taining throughout the entirety of the book. There were also some heartbreaking moments in there to add a little spice.
Written in four POVs, my favorite character had to have been Samantha, the forgotten princess. Her free-spirited na- ture made her an enticing char- acter to read, and any reader would be rooting for her. De-
spite her flaws, she was always a fierce friend, a protective soul, and had a silly nature about her. Yet, she hid all of her real feelings deep down in her soul.
All of the characters were so different and three-dimen- sional that each one of their chapters was always so enter- taining. With all the characters being so fleshed out, I found myself rooting for every one of them to achieve what they wanted. Even Daphne and she had quite the rotten streak.
It was fun to read about a different America set in a com-

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