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July 2023
Sleeper Tavern
15 Summer Street, Bristol
Tukey Block
20/22 Central Square, Bristol
Abel Block
24/26 Central Square, Bristol
150 Lake Street, Bristol
Ira Chase House
51 Pleasant Street, Bristol
Cavis Block
8 Central Square, Bristol
Arlyn Farm
718 Tenney Mtn. Hwy, Plymouth
33 Spring Street, Bristol
Rollins Block
12 Central Square, Bristol
Professionally Managed by
865 Lake Street, Bristol
162 Lake Street, Bristol
10 High Street, Bristol
Thanks to all those who serve and have served to preserve
the freedoms that
we all enjoy.
God Bless America
We’d like to take this opportunity to be thankful that we live in a great country and celebrate the birth of America. We also love Bristol, NH and it’s rich history and proud to be a part of this wonderful town.

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