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 July 2023
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“Spread joy and kindness wherever you go.” (The Journey by Jim and Brad Tonner)
Photo of the twins: Brad and Jim Tonner.
home of the twin boys, now men, and a well-known turtle, old in years but young in spirit, by the name of Diane.
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Pease Library's Summer Reading Program Kicks off July 3rd
By Donna RhoDes
with Me” program, through PLYMOUTH – “All To-
which parents will be provided with activity cards suggesting gether Now” is not only the
things they and their young ones theme of the 2023 Summer
can enjoy as they read together at Reading program, but it is also a
home. Their weekly storytimes call for youngsters, teens, adults,
at 10:15 each Wed. morning will and the entire community to
continue throughout the summer come together through reading,
as well.
fun, and knowledge.
First to sixth-grade students Nicole Gauvreau is the Youth
are typically part of the second Services Librarian for Pease Me-
largest of the summer reading morial Library in Plymouth and
said children of all ages through-
programs, Gauvreau stated. While the library suggests those out the area are encouraged to
youngsters read 20 minutes a day, take part in the multiple activities
and learning opportunities their
or whatever their school recom- mends, they can select any books library has to offer this summer.
they like and then track the num- Participants don’t need to be
from Plymouth, and no library
ber of books and amount of time they spend reading.
card is required, but Gauvreau
said she hopes they will consider
“Audiobooks and graphic joining their ever-growing roster
books count too,” Gauvreau said. “Studies have shown that of young readers.
Registration for the “All To-
their brains process the same, whether reading or listening to a gether Now” summer program
book, and graphic books offer a began on June 19th, but that
doesn’t mean it’s too late to sign
lot of rare words that they can learn.”
up. The program does not kick
off until July 3rd, and children
The teen division is open to are welcome to register anytime
all high school students and can also include advanced readers in throughout the summer weeks to
come. Gauvreau said Pease Li-
seventh and eighth grade. They brary’s summer reading program
will each receive a bingo card is designed to accommodate
filled with suggestions for a va- three age groups, with some wig-
riety of books in different read- gle room for advanced readers.
ing genres as well as activities. Those from birth to kindergar-
PEASE LIBRARY ten are invited to join the “Read
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waters, her back covered with the softness of seabed mud. Sky woman fell on this cushioned tur- tle. She survived and gave birth to twin boys, creative boys. It was these twins who would create mountains and rivers, grasslands, swamps and forests, and a multi- tude of varied scapes which would provide new homes for all the creatures that had lived under the primeval ocean. Ultimately the twin boys’ work gave the earth an enriched palette of many colors and creatures who breathed new sounds. One of these creatures learned to use a special sound, the sound of words.
(Adapted from an ancient Iroquois Myth)
After the passage of countless millennia, ages, and eras, a curi- ous thing took place in the town of Braintree, Massachusetts. A baby turtle rose to the second
floor of a house on Monatiquot Street, a road named for a re- nowned Wampanoag chief. The turtle was in a basket raised by a boy who pulled the basket up by a rope to his bedroom win- dow. The boy was bedridden because of a painful disease. His twin brother had come up with the basket idea of a way to con- nect his secluded brother with the world beyond the bedroom. How the turtle got into the bas- ket is not known. The identity of the gift giver has never been revealed. Perhaps he or she was simply shy. Perhaps, like an an- cient indigenous shaman, the human identity is meant to re- main a secret. Whatever the case, the turtle would remain with the twin boys as they grew to manhood and as they en- riched the earth with words and colors born of their own creative spirits. This brings us to Bristol, New Hampshire in 2023, the
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