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 Plymouth’s Recycling Manager: Jessie Jennings
By BRittany amalfi
PLYMOUTH- Everyone has heard it before. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We’ve grown up with that saying since we learned it in elementary school. However, it is a phrase we should all live by, and Plymouth’s Recycling Manager, Jessie Jennings, stands by it.
Jessie Jennings has had a no- table life. Mr. Jennings is going on 22 years of being in the Na- tional Guard. Joining in 2001, he went to Fort Littlewood in Missouri for Basic Training. When he graduated from Basic Training, he went to Cincinnati National Airport to provide addi- tional security. He was also with the Kentucky National Guard in 2002 and then was deployed to Guantanamo Bay to be a cor- rectional officer. It was in 2004 when he moved to New Hamp- shire, but then in 2008, he was
deployed to Iraq, and in 2013, he set out to Afghanistan. Un- fortunately, we’re all too familiar with the COVID pandemic hit- ting in 2020, and Jennings was to assist with COVID testing here in New Hampshire and provide additional security for peace- ful demonstrations across the state. In 2021, Jennings went to COVID orders to assist with op- erations in New Hampshire.
Jessie Jennings is now the Re- cycling Manager for the town of Plymouth. Diane Lynch, the Pease Public Library Director, spoke highly of Mr. Jennings. “He does a great job over there ( The Recycling Center) con- tinuing to take in materials that many other towns now just throw away. He is very aware of global markets and never makes us feel dumb for asking a million ques- tions!”
I had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Jennings and talk
with him about his role as the Recycling Manager. “My role is to manage waste. I manage solid and hazardous waste, and the unique thing about Plymouth is that we source separate recy- clables. And what the difference with that is that each individual material is separated instead of all materials going into one con- tainer.” Jennings also mentioned that source separating actually generates a lot of revenue for the town, and it’s been that way for years.
When I asked him how he felt about his line of work, he was quick to say he enjoyed what he did. “I really do enjoy it,” Jen- nings said. “Every day I work, I feel like I’m giving back to the community. I don’t do much of the leg work like many won- derful employees, but if need be, I would definitely do it. It’s
extremely fulfilling, and I’ve ac- tually been at the facility longer than anyone currently working there.” Mr. Jennings also men- tioned he would foresee himself doing this admirable work for the foreseeable future.
With all of the hard work Mr. Jennings puts into being the Re- cycling Manager for Plymouth, I made sure to ask him how the people of Plymouth could help. “People can get better educated on the topic of recycling. Ask questions. It can be as simple as ‘hey, is this recyclable? We can al- ways give the community mem- bers answers to these questions, and we’re here to help. Even just getting online and doing some research. There’s so much open-source material out there on recycling.” That’s not all the knowledgeable recycling man- ager had to say. “If people knew
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