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out and be supportive in any way they could. Homeowners were allowing us to put signs on their front lawns and would come out and cheer us on.”
Hyder didn’t hold back when talking about the support of the community and how it helped Hidden Battle’s mission. “Seeing the people of this community being so supportive of this event is amazing because veterans will see everything going on in this world, and it can be hard on them, so seeing a community that is so supportive is a reset.”
The Hidden Battles 22 for the 22 will occur on May 21st, 2022. This year, they will begin in Hebron Center, walk down to Cummings Beach, and then walk back via West Shore Road. The event is approximately a 22k, but those who know Scott know they should “never trust him when it comes to distance!” Registration begins at 8 AM, and there will be festivities following the course. A tented BBQ, complimentary pint of beer, and entertainment will be provided to all participants at the end of the course. Medals will be given to those who complete the 14.5 miles.
Hidden Battles 22 for the 22 is a wonderful event that raises awareness of veterans struggling every day. Hyder wants everyone to know, “whoever is suffering, just know that you’re not in this alone. There are people and a community out there for you; you just have to find them.”
For more information about Hidden Battles and the 22 For The 22 event, please visit https://
   what the numbers were on plas- tic, that would help. We only take in certain plastics because some plastics are expensive and hard to recycle.”
And going back to that leg- endary saying, “reduce, reuse, recycle,” Mr. Jennings certainly agrees with it. “Recycling is a triad,” Jennings says. “Reduce, reuse, recycle. You know, re- duce our buying of plastic. Reuse certain containers for a long time, and then recycle what you can. I see perfectly good reusable items thrown away that can be reused every day. Tea cans, aluminum cans, they can be recycled for life. It’s as simple as recycling a water bottle you buy at the store. So I believe that people can be great at recycling, and we can cer- tainly do a better job.”
Educating ourselves on the importance of recycling and howtodoitisthefirststepin making our planet better. It’s no secret by now that if we work together to understand better how to sustain the balance of nature and execute an environ- mentally friendly plan, we’d be on the right track to a healthy planet. We can all take a page out of his book with all of Mr. Jenning’s knowledge and skill on recycling. And then, recycle it, of course!
22 FOR THE 22
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their gear, and that is the process of rucking. “I was going through my depression and PTSD, and I found that rucking helped me,” Scott tells me. “I wanted to do something that got me off the couch and helped my mental health. So after doing it alone for some time, I went to social media and put it out there that I would be rucking on Wednesday nights if anyone wanted to join, and after about six weeks, I had about twenty veterans rucking with me.”
After the strong turnout, Hyder and the veterans began talking in a peer support kind of way, and they created a com- munity called “Hidden Battles.” Hyder tells me that Hidden Bat- tles’ original goal was to create a scholarship in honor of his brother, Nick’s hidden battle, and then it kept expanding. After con- tinuously receiving funds from local philanthropists, Hidden Bat- tles continued to grow and grow. They began doing programs di- rected towards individuals and their support systems as well as entire families with members who are struggling. Hyder informs me that they have helped over 1000 individuals and families over the past six years.
“Before COVID hit, we did about 54 programs a year,” Scott tells me. “Even with the pan- demic going on, I wanted to do something to raise awareness, es- pecially now since a lot of veter- ans are struggling more now that they’re alone. 22 is symbolic for
Photo from 2021's 22 For The 22 event.
 the 22 veterans who take their lives daily, so I wanted to stay on that number.” Hyder decided to hike 22 miles with 22 pounds in his rucksack around the perime- ter of Newfound Lake.
In November of 2020, they had about 89 people ruck with them. Hyder tells me the num- ber of people who just wanted to help out was amazing. “People really wanted to help out and be involved. Many people wanted to come out and support the cause, and rucking 22 miles is not an easy feat, so we provided accom- modations like shuttle cars if peo-
ple needed them. My philosophy, however, is that just getting there and showing up is the hardest part of the day.”
On May 22nd, 2021, Hidden Battles decided to do another 22 for 22, and this time around, they had 256 ruckers show up, with 98 people completing the 22 miles. “It was awesome,” Hyder in- forms. “The community showed up and was extremely support- ive. The day before the event, we were knocking on doors and just letting people know what was going on, and residents were in- terested, and they wanted to help
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 When: Saturday,May21st 9am-6pm
Where: Start/End HEBRON, NH
Town Green, North Shore Rd
This event is NOT timed and is NOT a race.
Walk-Run-or Ruck Around Beautiful Newfound Lake
5K, 10K, 22K (14.25 miles)
• Lunch Provided
• Proceeds Benefit Veterans Programs • Metals Provided for those who Finish
Ellen Andre • Planned Perfectly Weddings Nam Knights NH - White Mt. Chapter The Bulkhead Man & Sons
 Walk-Run-or Ruck Around Newfound Lake
May 21st $25 Registration Fee

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