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  Newfound Area Resident Amy Dumond is pleased to an- nounce the opening of Amy’s Crystal Creations at the Tan- ger Outlet in Tilton, NH. Amy’s crystal shop carries a wide array of high energy, unique crystals from all over the world, including raw crystals, hard to find crystals, polished pieces, tumbles, state- ment pieces and crystal jewelry.
Crystals have long been rec- ognized as having healing prop- erties. In fact, many ancient cultures, including Egypt, Greece and China believed crystals have healing abilities for the mind,
body and soul. Crystal Master Sonali Sanjani states that “Crys- tals are minerals that hold energy, and as we as humans are made up of energy, we can exchange energy with the crystal when we work with it.”
Amy has assembled an out- standing collection, including Clear Rainbow Quartz (a ‘Master Healer’ to amplify energy), Rose Quartz (the ‘Stone of Love’), Smokey Quartz and Black Tourmaline (to absorb negative energy), Ci- trine (to spark joy, enthusiasm, and creativity), Amethyst (for healing, purifying, and willpower), and Geodes (‘generators’ which help
create abundance) to name but a few. With pieces from $2.50 to over $1,000, there is something available for everyone to bring
joy and light to your home and your life.
You may also find a wide se- lection of metaphysical items,
such as sage, Palo Santo, shells, pendulums, ritual candles and wall hangings. Please come and let these magical gems put you on a course for happiness, suc- cess, love and abundance. Open 6 days a week (closed Tuesdays). Stop by Amy’s Crystal Cre- ations, Tanger Outlet, 120 Laconia Road, #302, Tilton, NH (between Levi’s & the Game Store). Amy is on Facebook at Amys Crystal Creations, Ins- taGram at @Amys.crystal.cre- ations or by e-mail amycrystal@ We look forward to seeing you soon!
HEBRON — Join Newfound Lake Region Association intern and Plymouth State University student Bryce Foss for a guided exploration of the forest com- munities at Grey Rocks Conser- vation Area, Friday, December 9, at 1 pm. Based on forest survey plots he established across Grey Rocks, Bryce will provide an in- troduction to the different forest types present and insight into how these communities have changed over time. Through- out the tour, participants will see how alterations in the land- scape have led to distinct stands
of old-growth and new-growth forests, and will learn how these changes affect forest and water- shed health. Forest survey plots assess forest growth and monitor for changes within the forest, and the plots at Grey Rocks will help NLRA compare recently restored areas of the former marina with habitat that has seen less human impact and then track these com- munities going forward. Register online at events or call 603-744-8689.
Bryce Foss is a senior at Plym- outh State University, earning an interdisciplinary degree in For-
est Management and Outdoor Recreation. Growing up in Cla- remont, NH, Bryce spent a lot of time outdoors that fostered a passion for nature which he car- ries with him in his education and career goals. Through the use of biology, conservation for- estry, and adventure education, Bryce aims to use his degree to help educate and inspire others to grow their relationship with the outdoors.
The Newfound Lake Region Association is committed to pro- tecting Newfound Lake and its watershed through education,
programs, and collaboration that promote conservation and pres- ervation of the region’s natural, social, and economic resources. Through water quality and inva- sive species monitoring, educa- tional events such as guided hikes and nature activities, and land conservation efforts that protect open spaces and help manage stormwater pollution, NLRA approaches conservation at the watershed level. You can learn more about NLRA’s initiatives at
Newfound Area Resident Opens Crystal Shop At Tanger Outlet In Tilton
Guided Exploration: Forests of Grey Rocks
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