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 NLRA Update
 On October 24th, representa- tives from Newfound Watershed towns attended the Newfound Lake Region Association’s first an- nual Watershed Workshop. NLRA opened the workshop by highlight- ing successful conservation measures taken as part of their watershed plan, Every Acres Counts. Notable completed projects include large- scale stormwater protection efforts, such as the Cummings Beach swale in Bristol and erosion control efforts at Sleepy Hollow in Hebron that keep hundreds of pounds of phos- phorus and other pollutants out of Newfound Lake each year.
NLRA Executive Director Re- becca Hanson described current efforts to manage large-scale storm- water issues affecting water quality in Newfound Lake, including plans to address stormwater pollution coming from streambank erosion along Atwell Brook in Groton as well as Rankin Road in Bridgewater.
Town representatives discussed the water quality and conservation issues their towns are facing, from aging culverts and erosion to land use and the growing human impacts on Newfound Lake. Over the next six months, NLRA will work with Resilience Planning and Design, an environmental planning company based in Plymouth and with exten- sive knowledge of the Newfound Watershed, to partner with each of the five watershed towns: Groton, Hebron, Bridgewater, Alexandria, and Bristol, to help them reach their unique water quality priorities.
“We’re excited to continue our partnerships with watershed towns,” says Hanson. “Providing an environmental planner to town planning boards helps us meet the needs of each town while protecting Newfound at the same time.”
The Newfound Lake Region Association approaches its mission to protect and conserve Newfound Lake from a watershed-wide level. Their watershed management plan, adopted in 2009, has guided
stormwater management efforts with towns, neighborhoods, and individual property owners, as well as directed education and steward- ship programs that encourage the balanced and sustainable use of watershed properties and resources. NLRA also performs water quality testing, offers year-round programs for the public, and conserves land that protects Newfound’s high-qual- ity waters.
NLRA Watershed Workshop Showcases Collaboration and Conservation
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