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 Book of the Month: November 9 By Colleen Hoover
By Brittany amalfi
What do you do when you meet your soulmate the same day you’re supposed to move across the country? Well, ask Fallon, because on the day of her scheduled move to New York City to try to salvage her acting dreams, she meets Ben - an aspiring novelist with some severe writing block. Their in- teresting meet-cute and capti- vating attraction to each other leads to them spending Fallon’s last day in Los Angeles together. With the creative inspiration from their quick relationship and budding feelings, Fallon and Ben hatch a plan to meet up on the same day every year. No matter what has changed in each year - careers, relation- ships, heartbreak, they will al- ways meet no matter what. But with life coming at both of them fast with each year, Fallon begins to suspect Ben might not be gen- uine with his feelings in order to create the perfect plot twist on the book he’s been working on. As both of them are put through
various trials and tribulations of finding out who they are, Fallon and Ben’s perfect love story may very well end in heartbreak.
There aren’t many books out there that I can finish in less than two days, but November 9, by Colleen Hoover, had me do just that. Honestly, if it weren’t for adult responsibilities, I probably would’ve finished it in less than a day. Those pesky full time jobs really throw a wrench in your day huh? Anyways, this book
was a captivating, quick read that had me hooked from page one. It starts off with throwing you right into the story and you sure do hit the ground running. Both Fallon and Ben are enig- matic characters clearly trying to find a place in this world with their artistic career choices. I was really drawn into the fact that Fallon and Ben’s relation- ship started out so strong and went through extreme highs and lows throughout the whole story but I was rooting for them till the end. It’s a different kind of love story when the main characters are also busy find- ing out who they are in the process. Fallon has to grapple with the fact that she may never be as successful an actress as when she was younger due to the scars on her face and body from a horrific fire. But as she moves to New York and spends the next few years there, we see Fallon step into who she is as she discovers her true passions and dreams. Ben has constantly dealt with his tragic family issues as he
navigated his adolescent years. Fallon and Ben seem to bring out the best in each other, caus- ing both of them to step out of their comfort zones to figure out what they really want in life.
The romance in November 9 is nothing short of swoon-wor- thy. Ben, being a lyrical writer brings out his hopeless romantic side with Fallon and it’s the kind of love we all dream about. “You can’t leave yet. I’m not finished falling in love with you.” Ben James Kes- sler, you are every girl’s dream. Of course, this story wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Every love story needs to have some
obstacles, and, well, when you only see each other once a year, things are bound to take a turn for the worst. As Fallon and Ben continue to meet every year, things change, and not for the better. The twists and turns through their lives come out in full force every year they meet and it certainly causes some heartbreak. I could go on for hours about how excellent this book is, so make sure to check it out! If you’re looking for a quick and easy read this Summer, No- vember 9 by Colleen Hoover is the one for you.
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