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 May’s Shining Star: Cassandra-Marie Zick
 By: Brittany amalfi
It takes a special kind of per- son to enlighten people about what is going on in the world today. Newfound Regional High school student, Cassie Zick, is one of those special people. At seventeen, Cassie is a member of the school’s field hockey and track team, but what truly stands out about her is her passion for journalism.
Over the past year, Cassie’s taken a strong interest in jour- nalism, finding inspiration to tell the stories of what’s going on in the world today. Cassie has been doing some sports writing as a dedicated athlete, publishing sev- eral articles. Her articles about athletes navigating sports during the pandemic shine a light on how affected local sports teams have been this past year.
Cassie’s track coach, John Lellos, had nothing but praise for the young writer. “Living in such tumultuous times has high- lighted how badly we value a sense of stability as human be- ings -- things we can count on as constant pillars. For NRHS, and the greater newfound com- munity, Cassie Zick has been a constant source of excellence teachers, coaches, and students can count on, despite the seem- ingly daily volatility conjured up by the Covid crisis. With a 4.16
GPA, Zick has been accepted into the coveted St. Paul’s sum- mer institute, competed in the 2021 Crossfit Open, and has quickly emerged as a standout on the varsity track program. Yet all of the aforementioned accolades aside, what truly qual- ifies Cassie as May’s shining star is her journalism. For the last few months, Zick has published several articles in the Newfound Landing, each spelling out the trials and tribulations Newfound athletes and coaches have had to navigate due to the pandemic. Put plainly; her work has in- formed the community how
abnormal our time-honored ath- letic competitions have become. As the academic year continues to unfold and things continue to change, the Newfound commu- nity can continue to count on Cassie to keep them up to date on the perseverance and pas- sion of our schools, athletes, and coaches.”
Lellos’ insight on Cassie high- lights how passionate Cassie is to tell the stories of what is going on in the world to keep the com- munity informed. When a com- munity knows they can count on a writer to be transparent with world events, there is an excep-
tional journalist in the making. The time and effort Zick puts into these stories demonstrate not only her writing skills but also her empathy. In her arti-
cle, “King Adjusts to Athletics in the Covid World,” Cassie in- terviewed a fellow athlete about navigating sports while in the middle of a pandemic. The informative piece offered true insight into real situations and feelings from a dedicated athlete during COVID-19. Zick’s ability to capture the athlete’s raw feel- ings and emotions demonstrate her understanding and sensi- tivity to the issue, making her a spectacular writer.
Kerrie Zick, Cassie’s mother, reported that Cassie wants to study journalism over in London to continue to build her dreams. Being an avid reader of the news and independent journalism, Zick also enjoys writing poetry in her free time. Cassie’s ambition to improve her craft and stay ed- ucated sheds light on the future of a remarkable journalist who’s going to take the world by storm.
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