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 By Brittany amalfi
It’s time for fans of high fan- tasy to do a little happy dance because our book of the month is Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bar- dugo! Welcome to the Grishav- erse, where soldiers and masters summon their unique powers to fight against the dark shadows that loom in the corners of the kingdom of Ravka. A young Alina Starkov has only ever known the life of being expend- able. As a cartographer in the First Army, she lives in constant fear of the army’s enemies the military is supposed to be the first defense against. But when she accidentally releases a dor- mant power within her to save her regiment from some terrify- ing creatures, Alina soon learns she has never been dispensable. Once her mysterious powers are revealed, Alina is thrust into a world of luxury in wonder as she trains with the Grisha—her kingdom’s army who possess an abundance of powerful magic. When the Grisha’s dark and mystifying leader takes an inter- est in her and claims she’s the key to end the war of their land, Alina struggles to control her
that unveiled secret after secret, eventually leaving me reeling from that ending. Bardugo does an immaculate job with her worldbuilding descriptions that would have one wondering if they could find this place on a map! The intricate details of the places described in the story were full of beautiful scenery that any reader could easily get lost in. As the story went on, I noticed how darker it got as
Alina struggled with the raising stakes, but it made her an easy character to root for throughout the whole thing. As soon as Alina discovered her earth-breaking new powers, it was game over on her old life as she stepped into who she was always meant to be. Her journey throughout this first book in the action-packed trilogy demonstrated how strong a girl really is no matter how many odds are against her. But,
as Stan Lee once said, “With great power comes great re- sponsibility,” and when someone with great powers comes face to face with dark forces, it’s easy to lose yourself to the pull of com- pelling promises and absolute strength. If you’re looking to get lost in an enigmatic new world filled with powerful magic and dark characters, dive into this trilogy! You’ll thank me later.
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Book of the Month: Shadow and Bone
   own powers. And with secrets of her past coming to light, our powerful new Grisha will learn something that could destroy ev- erything and everyone she’s ever loved.
Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo is the first book in her action-packed trilogy. The bold and exciting magic system had me hooked from the very begin- ning. From soldiers who could control the wind to masters of healing and heartrending, the Grishaverse is made up of pure power. Alina was an excellent main character and brought me on an exciting adventure
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