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By CarOlyn J. Phinney life COaCh tranSfOrmatiOn & lOa
What do you celebrate in life? Think about it for a minute, what do you really celebrate? Is it only the large things? The birthdays, the an- niversaries, opening of a busi- ness, getting a new job?
To Celebrate, according to Webster, is “the action of marking one's pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable activity.”
As adults, we get conditioned that you can only celebrate the “big” achievements. If you cel- ebrate the “littles” its childish or egotistical. When we were little, we celebrated everything. Everything was worthy of a
May 2021
Time to Celebrate
 celebration! Finding an empty swing at the playground. Find- ing the perfect stick to become a play sword. Seeing a butter- fly or a lightening bug. A ride in a golf cart. Having a snack. Everything that was a pleasure was celebrated. Even waking up from a nap!
What happened to celebrat- ing the “littles” in our lives? What would it look like if you did? By taking “the action of marking one’s pleasure” you are happy. You have to be. You are celebrating the pleasure you just experienced. The world is fast paced. Most of us are taught to be more in the future than ever in the present. You must be in the present to cele- brate. Why? Because you are, in the now, acknowledging the
pleasure you are feeling. If you are already into the future, you cannot feel the joy. You are already onto “the next.” In business, we are taught to al- ways be ahead of the game, to think about what is to happen next week, next month, next year. We are always wanting more. It is in our DNA. There is nothing wrong with that. We will want more all of way up to our last breath. Without that drive, our world would be at a standstill. But, wanting more and creating more becomes a lot harder to do when you don’t celebrate what you have done.
Many of my clients are in the same boat that I used to be in. High goals. Big dreams. Check- ing things off the list to get to that one big goal. Once there, I would say a quick “YES!” and do some ceremonial toast and move straight along to the next big goal. I never felt accom- plished and neither did they. They complained about feeling
unsatisfied or how they never get to their goals. But, when it is listed back to them all that they did do, it surprises them. Why? Because they never stop to celebrate the little goals that lead to any big goal. Littles add up to big. Dollar bills add up to millions. One breath at a time adds up to a lifetime lived. Each step adds up to miles walked. Each little celebration in life makes up a happier life. Why wait when you have so much to celebrate today? How much happier will you life be by celebrating all the small things?
What do you want to cel- ebrate today? Here are just a few suggestions to get the juices flowing: I woke up on time! I was able to see a beautiful sunset! A butterfly buzzed my nose. I didn’t let that co-worker who is negative take my power today, I stayed positive and happy. I got my paper written. I got off the couch. I took one more step than I did yesterday.
I put the drink down. I smoked one less cigarette then yester- day.
Here is your homework, if you choose to start creating a happier life: every night before you go to bed, grab a note- book/journal, and write down 5 things you want to celebrate. Really celebrate! Then write down how you are going to celebrate them and you. Yes, celebrate you. You are the one that is noticing the littles, you are the one doing the work to make a happier life for yourself, you are the one that you need to celebrate. How much hap- pier will you be when you do this for 30 days? Give it a try and let me know!
Celebrating You! ~ Carolyn
Carolyn J. Phinney is an certified Personal and Business Coach/Reiki Master/Law of Attraction Master Coach/Yoga Instructor and can be reached at
We welcomed this soon to be one year old schnauzer mix into our program over the weekend. Izzy loved her mom very much but sadly she was no longer able to care for her. Izzy loves to cuddle and warms up very quickly to new people. Izzy does bark to let you know how she feels about certain situations or maybe it some what of a yodel.
It is yodeling for sure if she is put in a crate, she prefers to skip the entire crate sitaution. Izzy would do best being allowed to curl up in your favorite chair or on your couch with you and share your midnight snack.
Izzy is housebroken, and walks great on a leash. Izzy can be a picky eater as she is use to eating table food. We are trying different foods and also cooking her chicken rice while we try to put some weight one her. Izzy is approx 15 pounds. This sweet girl would do best in a home with older children or an adult only home. Izzy would like to be your one in only has she tolerates dogs but is use to being spoiled. Izzy will be spayed, microchipped, up to date on all vaccines and have a health certificate. Izzy adoption fee is $475.00.
If you are interested in this sweet girl Please fill out an application at
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