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Collaborative Anesthesia Partners (CAP) is a veteran owned business, founded in 2017 by Daniel and Ashley Rice, that provides patient focused anesthesia and interventional pain management services to hospitals, surgery centers, and office-based settings. It is CAP’s vision to increase access to care and improve healthcare organi- zations’ ability to deploy exem- plary anesthesia care in support of surgical services.
CAP was able to withstand the turbulence many health- care organizations experi- enced over the past year and was featured in Business NH Magazine’s ‘Five to Watch’ in December 2020. Now, CAP is working with new clients look- ing to capitalize on the benefits of local anesthesia partnerships that were identified during the pandemic. “Many of our new partners are seeking innova- tive solutions for the evolving
 NH Anesthesia Practice Expands Services and Continues to Provide Innovative Solutions
healthcare system we are work- ing within. Knowing CAP is a local option able to operate in diverse settings has funneled interest” -CAP VP of Provider Services, Laurie Chandler, MSN RN.
CAP’s most recent partner- ship has been with Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, providing evalu- ation and treatment services to patients at their newly es- tablished Comprehensive Pain Clinic. “The Comprehensive Pain Clinic and Huggins Hos- pital partnership will add enor- mous value to New Hampshire as well as Maine. Interventional pain management is often a missing piece in patient care and can improve quality of life for those who need it most.” – CAP Founder and CEO Daniel Rice, DNP CRNA. Chronic pain conditions including head- aches, neck pain, lower back pain, musculoskeletal disorders,
Dan Rice, DNP CRNA Founder and CEO of CAP and NEVA
 and neuropathy are treated by CAP pain providers at the Comprehensive Pain Clinic
Whether patients are receiv- ing interventional pain services or being seen for a procedure that requires anesthesia, CAP’s providers tailor the neces- sary therapy or treatment to each individual patient. CAP’s board-certified providers utilize multiple techniques that mini- mize any unnecessary exposure to opiate pain medications. Throughout all of the services CAP provides, all are centered around opiate free and opioid sparing techniques to reduce introduction of opioids to pa- tients.
CAP’s sister company, New England Vascular Ac- cess (NEVA), shares a primary focus on increasing access to care by providing vascular ac- cess services to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and hospice organizations throughout our rural communities. Providing same day service for PICC and Midline placements has expe- dited treatment delivery and prevented patients from being transferred out to larger tertiary centers for placement of these devices. NEVA delivers expert and innovative vascular access device placement using a team of highly trained providers who are able to recommend the
most appropriate access device based on the type and length of infusion, and patient’s medical history. Patients can be confi- dent that they will receive the right device at the right time to help ensure the lowest compli- cation rates.
If you are a healthcare pro- fessional seeking a rewarding career with a dynamic close- knit team, consider us! CAP and NEVA have openings in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. For more informa- tion, please visit CAP at www. and NEVA at
 Collaborative Anesthesia Partners
Interventional Pain Management. Exceeding expectations, one patient at a time.
• Pain Providers develop a unique patient focused plan in coordination with the patient’s existing providers.
• Services that are centered around opiate free and opioid sparing techniques.
• Medical conditions treated include: lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, musculoskeletal disorders, CPRS, and Neuropathy.
• Treatments include: facet joint injections, epidural steroids, trigger point injections, ultrasound-guided regional injections, occipital nerve block injections, and radiofrequency ablation.
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