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Burn Dressings & Burn Kits
            Sterile Burn Dressings
(Gel Soaked Dressings for Burns)
• Relieve the pain, cool the burn, protect against airborne
contamination in one easy step
• Water based, water-soluble gel won’t stick to wound;
can easily be rinsed away
• Easy to store and transport
• Sterile; 5 year shelf life
• Fire Blankets are bacteriostatic, 100% wool,
come packed in portable canister
No water source or special training required!
One-Step Burn Treatment
Burn Kits
• Can be applied to electrical burns and chemical
burns that act like thermal burns
Soft-Sided Emergency Burn Kits
• Heavy-duty nylon carry bags with sewn-in inner pockets organize kit contents
• Large – 7 dressings in 5 sizes treat more extensive burns; includes 36” x 30” Fire Blanket/Burn Wrap 15”W x 10”H x 3”D
Plastic Case Kits
• Sturdy plastic cases; handles have keyhole slots for mounting • Small – 16”W x 12”H x 8”D case organizes unit doses of
Each Dressing 53380M 53381M 53382M Fire blanket 53451M
2” x 6” 4” x 4” 4” x 16”
6’ x 5’
7.75 14.65
Burn Jel for most-common “spot” burns; 3 sizes of dressings for larger burns
 Each 53385M 53386M
4 oz squeeze bottle 3.5 gm packet (25/box)
7.25 16.45
• Cools and soothes; helps prevent progression
• Water-based and water-soluble; won’t trap heat like petro-
Per kit 53150M 53351M
Large Soft-Sided Small Plastic Case
MFG # EBK2-6 FSK-5
204.65 73.75
     Cool Jel® (Topical Cooling Gel)
• Cools and soothes minor cuts, scrapes, burns, abrasions • Forms protective barrier against airborne contaminants • Water-based and water-soluble; moisturizes
Burn Jel® (Fast Relief of Minor Burns)
  First Aid & Burn Sprays
See page 33
leum-based products
• Active ingredient: Lidocaine HCL (2.0%)
Each Size
53388M 4 oz squeeze bottle 53390M 3.5 gm packet (6/box) 53389M 3.5 gm packet (25/box)
10.05 7.35 27.35
Fax 1.800.222.1934
Call 1.800.831.0894

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