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Insect Repellents, Sting & Bite Relief
tecnu® Poison Oak-N-Ivy Skin Cleanser
• Skin cleanser removes toxic oils
of poison oak, ivy and sumac
that cause rash and itching
• Stops irritant from spreading
• Decontaminates tools, clothing
Special non-stinging antiseptic formula
After Bite® The Itch Eraser®
• Provides fast first aid relief for itching, soreness of insect bites and stings
• Reduces risk of secondary infections
After Bite® Kids
• Gentle, non-stinging gel specially formulated for children • Antiseptic; contains tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, aloe vera
Original Formula
• Provides fast relief after stings, bites of mosquitoes, black flies, fleas, no-see-ums, chiggers, horse flies, other biting/stinging insects
          and pets
Each 38041M 36029M 38019M
Per case of 12 36029MC
IvyXTM Pre-Contact Towelettes
• Provide invisible barrier
.5 oz packets (50/bx) 4 oz bottle
12 oz bottle
4 oz
55.35 7.95 14.65
   • Use as first-aid antiseptic, skin protectant and topical analgesic; gel dries clear
• Medicated to relieve itch caused by poison oak, ivy or sumac
Each 86621M 05350M
After Bite® Kids Original Formula
.7 fl oz 6.05 1/2 fl oz 5.75
2.85 13.65
 Each 37995M 36222M
6 oz bottle
1/32 oz packets (144/box)
9.85 35.75
             to environmental contact allergens
• Apply liberally before contact with
poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac
• Single-use towelettes simplify
• Dispenser box wall mounts for
Per dispenser box of 50 83641M 5” x 8”
IvyXTM Post-Contact Cleanser Towelettes
• Single-use towelettes remove
sticky oils of poisonous plants • Dispenser box wall mounts
for convenience
Per dispenser box of 50 83642M 5” x 8”
Sting ReliefTM
• Acts fast; dries instantly Each Size/Qty
02006M 2 oz pump 2426-49 10/box 2426-48 150/box
   Sting Relief Ampules
• Saturated with pain-relieving lotion
• Provide temporary relief of pain, itching associated with
insect bites and stings
Per box of 10
317496 .6 ml ampule
Fax 1.800.222.1934
8.65 Call 1.800.831.0894

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