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                                                                        Emergency Response
CPR Masks
A. CPR MicrokeyTM
• CPR MICROSHIELD® in compact pouch with key ring; ensures barrier device is always available
• Durable nylon pouch; secure Velcro® closure
B. CPR MicrokeyTM plus
• Includes CPR MICROSHIELDTM plus with 3M® FiltreteTM filter for added protection
C. CPR Microkey-ProTM
• Includes CPR MICROSHIELDTM, one pair disposable nitrile gloves
A CPR MicrokeyTM
C CPR Microkey-ProTM Each Color
CPR Microkey-ProTM
12.15 12591M Black 12.45
                         • Soft membrane film conforms
to victim’s features; elliptical
breathing tube maintains open airway during CPR
Each 51001M 51045M
Regular Extra large
5” x 5” 63/4” x 63/4”
8.95 9.55
temperatures, even extremes
• Clear plastic dome aids patient monitoring
• For adults, children, infants
• #51051M includes: nitrile gloves, durable nylon belt pouch Each
51051M MicromaskTM
MicrokeyTM plus
CPR MicrokeyTM 51046M 51047M
Black Orange
CPR MicrokeyTM plus 11.05 51070M
Black Orange
   CPR Microshield®
• One-way valve, clear barrier protects rescuer against backdraft, secretions
CPR MicromaskTM Reusable
• One-way, non-rebreathing valve
with filter; large, less restrictive
• Remains flexible, provides tight
seal over wide range of
11.05 51071M
    • Easy-to-use, inexpensive barrier with a one-way valve that prevents direct contact with patient’s mouth, nose and face
• Suitable for adults and children
Each Color
2672-79 Black
2672-80 Blue
2672-81 Red
CPR FiltershieldTM
Tamper Evident/Resealable Poly Bag
• 2 cm airway tunnel acts as bite
block, assisting rescuer in
maintaining an open airway
• Unique design offers a recessed
7.15 7.15 7.15
victim’s fluids
• Achieves true mouth-to-mouth seal
• Positive patented one-way valve is always closed until rescuer
exhales; opens to provide low resistance airway, closes
immediately when rescuer finishes each breath
• Bite block/airway tunnel assists in maintaining open airway
when performing head-tilt/chin-lift
51058M Resealable poly bag 9.25
CPR Life Mask®
Face Shield
• 3M FiltreteTM viral and bacterial filter
provides superior protection for both
victim and rescuer
• Large soft vinyl shield conforms to facial contours • Dual side use for increased effectiveness
51053M 5.75 CPR devices recommended for use by CPR-trained personnel only
   CPR Microshield-plus
• One size fits all
• 6” x 6” barrier shield
with 2 cm bite block eases
adult/child CPR
• Locates filter above valve;
eliminates contact with
Includes resealable poly bag
          filter with grate on both sides
• Rescue-side grate helps keep rescuer from coming in contact
with filter
• Patient-side grate helps to stop larger vomitus material from
contacting the filter
• For use on children and adults
12593M 5.45
       48 Fax 1.800.222.1934 Call 1.800.831.0894
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