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                Emergency Response
 CPR Kits & Accessories
                           A.E.D. MICROKITTM
First Responder Kit
• All essential CPR rescue, safety needs included
– nothing to hunt for in emergency • Packaged in a poly bag
Each 78700
CPR devices are recommended for use by CPR-trained personnel only
• Now with QCPR feedback technology, to help instructors improve CPR Training quality, efficiency, and learner engagement
• Uses Bluetooth Smart technology, connecting with tablets and smartphones to deliver QCPR measurement and feedback
• Allows an instructor to monitor up to six learners at the same time from the palm of their hand with the Instructor App; which provides an easy to view performance sum- mary that highlights which students may need additional guidance
Little JuniorTM QCPR Manikin
Each Manikin includes: Manikin, soft pack/training mat, 2 manikin faces, 2 Little Junior airways, 6 manikin wipes, complete instructions
Baby AnneTM CPR Manikin
Each Manikin includes: Clothed manikin, soft pack, 6 Baby Anne airways, 10 Foreign Body practice objects, complete instructions
Little Anne QCPR
  A.E.D. MICROKITTM Contains:
1 CPR Microshield-plus® 1 Pair of Nitrile Gloves 1 Eye Splash Guard
2 Antimicrobial wipes
1 Prep Razor
1 Absorbent Towel
1 Biohazard Bag
1 Pair Clothing Shears
      CPR Kits
• This personal CPR Kit include everything you need in a CPR emergency
• Includes 1 CPR face shield, 2 vinyl exam gloves and 1 antimicrobial wipe
Little AnneTM QCPR Manikin
7200560 Light skin Manikin
97952M Manikin Airways (24/pack) 264814 Manikin Face Shields (6 rolls/36ea) 97948M Manikin Faces (6/pack)
Little JuniorTM QCPR Manikin
7201029 Manikin
97957M Manikin faces (6/pack)
97961M Airways, complete (25/pack) Baby AnneTM CPR Manikin
7005261 Manikin
7005264 Manikin faces (6/pack)
339.55 92.05 107.95 83.65
294.95 85.65 87.65
162.55 86.25 29.85
 Each 5965-00
1-Person Kit
9.95 7005263 Airways, complete (24/pack)
Thermal Rescue Blanket
• Space-age reflecting
material retains heat • Individually wrapped;
fits first aid kits
Each 11.25 50004M
     Emergency Blanket
• Disposable, lightweight, foam lamination over poly; individually wrapped
• Retains body heat; repels
water and mildew, resists infestation
  Each 50003M
60” x 90”
56” x 84”
Fax 1.800.222.1934
Call 1.800.831.0894

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