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                                                                        Emergency Response
Oxygen, Disposable Resuscitators & AEDs
The BAG IITM Disposable Resuscitator
• Ergonomic Flexisol body with touch sensitive feel provides imme- diate feedback of compliance, detection of critical compliance changes
• Choice of bag volumes assures closer match to patient’s needs without hyperinflation
• Inflation port on mask allows custom inflation of cushion for seal
• Clear mask housing enables constant monitoring of skin color
• Air Entrinment Prevention Valve prevents room air dilution; patient
receives high FiO2
• No adapter needed; crush-resistant oxygen tubing has universal
connector, fits directly on flowmeter
• Patient-side monitor port allows external monitoring of true airway
• Adjustable hook & loop handle allows one-handed use; latex free
5559-37 Adult Disposable Resuscitator
5559-38 Pediatric Disposable Resuscitator
5559-39 Pediatric Disposable Mask (Small)
5559-40 Adult Disposable Mask (Medium)
5559-41 Adult Disposable Mask (Large)
O2 Soft PacTM
Each 21.65 5972-62 20.25 2620-14 4.45 65255M 4.25 65256M 4.25 5972-64 65257M
65258 65259 2654-88
Fully Automatic AED Plus Package Semi-Automatic AED Plus Package Lithium batteries 10/pk
CPR-D padzTM electrodes
Wall Cabinet 9”W to hold AED Plus Soft case for ZOLL AED
Mounting wall bracket
AED training unit
Pedi-Padz II Pediatric Multi-Function Electrodes
2345.35 2345.35 103.95 236.55 285.55 148.75 86.35 547.15 124.75
Zoll AED Plus
• The only AED that can actually see when you are doing CPR and help you do it well; features Real CPR Help®, a unique CPR feedback tool that is able to monitor CPR quality and provide real-time feedback for depth and rate of chest compressions
• Audio and visual prompts help you to rescue with a confidence and clarity unmatched by any other
• Lowest total cost of ownership of all AEDs on the market: lithi- um batteries and CPR-D-padz Electrodes both last five years
• Unique one-piece CPR-D-padz for quick, easy application
     Philips HeartStart Onsite AED
• Instructs to assess
LIFE® SoftPacTM Emergency Oxygen Units
Model #LIFE-2-612 (#99040)
• Lightweight at 6 lbs for easy portability and frequent carrying
• An easy-to-use 6 & 12 LPM (“NORM” & “HIGH”) regulator
provides the regulatory minimum 6 LPM, and 12 LPM to deliver
the AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen.
• LIFE USP Grade pure Medical Oxygen is safe, stable and does not expire, so it does not have to be replaced merely because
of an expiration date
LIFE SoftPac Model #LIFE-2-025 (#2430-62) has all the same features and provides a variable selection of 12 liter-flow rates. It provides variable-flow with 12 click-stop flow-rate settings of 0,.25,.5,1,2,3,4,6,8,10,15,25 LPM.
• 40 minute supply of 250 liters of oxygen
• Delivers both the regulatory minimum of 6 LPM for
“General” emergency situations, and 12 LPM to deliver
the AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen in “Extreme” emergency situations
• Easy Disposable/Replaceable (or refillable) cylinder oxygen supply
    99040 6 & 12 lpm (NORM & HIGH)
2430-62 0 to 25 lpm- variable flow
2430-63 Replacement/Spare Oxygen Cylinder
349.95 176.85
       patient, perform CPR
when necessary if rhythm
not shockable; provides on-demand CPR depth/frequency coaching
• Detects, automatically minimizes effects of pacemaker artifact, electrical noise
• Color-coded controls with Ready and Caution lights
• Stores first 15 minutes ECG, last incident’s events,
analysis decisions
• Enables infrared wireless transmission of event data to
PC or Palm® PDA
• Automatic and user-activated self-tests for pads, circuitry,
battery capacity, waveform delivery
• Dimensions: 2.8”H x 7.4”D x 8.3”W; weight 3.3 lb with
battery, pads
• Includes Standard Carry Case, Adult SMART PADS cartridge,
battery pack, Owner’s Manual, Quick Reference Guide, Quick Start poster
Each 2672-85 2646-64 2664-59 2664-60 2664-61
Onsite AED with Carry Case
Carry Case
Battery, Long Life LiMn02
Adult SMART Pads Cartridge Infant/Child Key SMART Pads Cartridge
1867.45 127.35 191.05
79.75 124.75
Fax 1.800.222.1934 Call 1.800.831.0894

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