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 Karl Wilen
cally what I call “put gas and oil in them and drive.” One of the items that has plagued the Cayenne model, though, has been water intrusion into the cabin. Usually this happens when the vehicles are parked outside, and leaves and oth- er debris make their way into the front cowl area and end up clogging the drains in front of the windshield. Part of this is due to (IMHO) a poor drain plug design by Porsche that clogs easily.
Then you have a Midwest rain storm and the water cannot drain out of the front
really requires removing the front carpet and sucking out the water on the metal floor pan. The insulation pad on the bot- tom of the carpet is so thick that it is hard to suck water up through the carpet with your shop vac.
Now when this happens, there is a wir- ing harness with a couple of poor wire connections that will corrode and even- tually fall apart. Once that happens, you can get what I call the Christmas tree effect on the dash. You will get failure to crank symptoms, warnings about ig-
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ll in all, the Cayennes are great, cowl; but it will find its way through fire- reliable vehicles to own. Keep wall seals and into the cabin. You go out up with your services including to drive the car and find a soaking floor-
regular oil changes and they are typi- board. To get all of the water sucked out
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