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 nition lock (or actually not being able to get the vehicle out of park), 4 wheel drive light issues, and a host of other warnings. We all know that the batteries in Cayennes’ can also cause issues like this due to low voltage, so while you are in there, it is a good time to check or re- place your battery (which is found under the driver seat).
So, your carpet has been wet, you now have warning lights on the dash, or may- be your Cayenne doesn’t start. Time to start digging. My advice....wear some rubber gloves. The insulation you will be removing is very sticky and hard to get off your hands.
Above is our patient of the day. This one was towed in because the owner could not get the car to come out of park, in addition to a pile of warning lights. First thing I noticed, when I went to check it out was that the driver floor was wet. The downside of a car that will not come out of park, is when you have to work on it. The first thing to do was to pull and clear the cowl drains. Unfor- tunately, I did not take pictures of this process, but it is pretty straight forward once you remove the rear portion of the front fender liners. Stick a screwdriver up the drain plugs and out comes a few gallons of rainwater.
After pulling the driver side door sill, you can see our puddle of water is start- ing.
The seat is tilted back to get to the front carpet. You can see the battery box under the seat.
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