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 From here, you have to pull up as much of the carpet as you can. Use a wet shop vac to suck as much out of the carpet as you can, then lift it up and do the same underneath. The carpet holds A LOT of water. I also put a blower fan under the carpet over night to help dry things out. The picture above shows the wiring har- ness we need to dissect, which is found right inside the door sill. Fold back the carpet as far as you can to get room to work.
Top Left:
Once you have the harness access ac- quired, you will need to start peeling back the black sticky tape that covers the harness. You will work upwards toward the parking brake pedal.
Bottom Left:
Eventually you will find three separate wires, which each have a connection point where the wire is joined together and covered with black tape. If you re- move the black tape (if it isn’t already gone) you will find the wire connec- tions will just fall apart. Often times it is already apart, and you have to match the appropriate color wires to each oth- er, and either solder them or use a heat shrink crimp connector to repair the breaks. In the above pictures, the two top red wires should be joined together. The black wire also has a mate hidden in the bundle out of view of the camera that would be joined together. With the red wires, you can see the corrosion has completely caused the exposed wires to fall apart; leaving what looks like two wires that have been cut but haven’t had the insulation stripped back yet. Repair
your wire connections, then suck out any water you can out of the carpet; get a fan on it for the night to help dry it out (or place outside in the Kansas sun for a few hours with the doors open and some airflow), then put it all back together and you should be back in business!
- Karl
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