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 on foot.
We stopped to see Berg Eltz. Of course, to get there it was more driving on narrow, twisty roads and through small villages. From the parking lot, it was a mile downhill hike to the castle. The weather was hot, so we were glad the walk was in shaded woods and downhill. Thankfully we could take a shuttle back to the parking lot. The original castle dates to the 800’s, but it has been rebuilt several times. We had some curry wurst for lunch and met a cute wiener dog.
Feeling full, we grabbed the shuttle
for the uphill ride and headed for Cochum to find our hotel. The hotel was easy enough to find, but parking was another story. Yikes! The owner moved his Mini Cooper so we could have his space. Thank goodness for folding mirrors since it was a tight squeeze. We had a great view from our room. Cochum is located on the Mosel River. The old town across the river has more of a tourist vibe with cute shops and places to eat. We walked over the bridge and booked a river cruise for the next day. The weather was perfect for a cruise, warm and sunny. It’s amazing how the vineyards cling to the hillsides. If you tripped, you would roll all the way to the river.
The next morning we were off to the Nurburgring. It was a very easy drive through some pretty country side. There was nothing going on at the “ring”, so it was easy to find some free parking. I purchased some items in the “Fan Shop”. I found out you can take a “taxi” ride around the ring. The “taxi” is a BMW M3, an Audi R8 or a Porsche GT3 RS. Wouldn’t that be sweet!
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