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the road to St Johann, which was very scenic and on some curvy roads again. Finding our hotel was challenging due to the narrow streets; bicycles everywhere, pedestrians, visual overload of signs and several construction projects did not help matters. We were welcomed to our hotel by Sunny, a Golder Retriever, who is the official greeter for the hotel.
We were in St. Johann to judge a BBQ contest the next day. The contest was a short drive away so we stopped by to check out the location and have lunch. We had a sampler plate of brisket, ribs, and rye bread, which was very tasty. Later, we had to find some ice cream; a must after eating BBQ. We were treated like celebrities at the BBQ contest, since we were from Kansas City, the home of the Kansas City BBQ Society. It was a little embarrassing. Our judging tables included judges from Italy, Germany, Hungary, Austria, and the U. S. The contest was conducted in English so there was not a language problem. The BBQ was not as sweet as we have in Kansas City but had a nice flavor. Full of BBQ, we departed for
Bad Urach back in Germany.
The next several days were filled with castles, museums, more back roads, small towns, and Black Forest Cake.
We did learn something on these travels. When your GPS says “You have arrived at your destination” and you can’t see it, trust the GPS. Some of our locations were up narrow side streets, behind other buildings, or the front facades covered with scaffolding and tarps. Turning around and approaching from the other direction sometimes made it clearer. A few times we had to park and poke about
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