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pedestrian sidewalks than something you should drive on. We had some very good Dunkle Bier and stuffed ourselves in the restaurant. Food was very good.
in Europe. We had some local craft bier on the patio and it was exceptional. Unfortunately, we can’t get it in the U.S. Our dinner was absolutely superb.
  The next day we stopped at Prien am Chiemsee to visit Schloss Herrenchiemsee. The schloss is built on an island and is a miniature of Versailles. The grounds were very pretty with several large fountain focal points. The interior of the schloss was a glittering excess of crystal, gold gilt furnishings, tapestries, and painted ceilings.
We spent the night in Bernau am
We had to waddle back to our room. I would definitely stay here again, only for a longer time. Our breakfast was equally lovely. We truly enjoyed our short stay.
On the way to St. Johann, Austria we planned a short stop in Berchtesgaden. The mountains made us feel like yodeling. We stopped at a museum that featured alpine life. They had some beautiful
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Chiemsee at the Hotel Jagerhof. The owner is a master chef and is instantly likeable. Our room was very nice and even came with washcloths; very unusual
films of the alpine seasons and interviews with locals, who described what living in the mountains was like in their youth. It was very interesting. We got back on

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