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was leaving Kansas City. Work was taking him to St. Louis. Ric has been a very active KCRPCA member, helping with DE Events, Autocross, Fun Runs and even organized a club trip to the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta GA. That was a bucket list event for me. Thank you, Ric. You will be missed.
Even though Ric is now gone from Kansas City, he did leave a piece of himself here - his lift.
And as with most available lifts in this town it was quickly spoken for. Dr. John, a relatively new member to the club, was in the market for one. Done deal.
With a crew organized, we all gathered at Ric’s to disassemble the lift and haul it south to its new home. Since we have done this for several people now, we about have this down to a science.
First comes breakdown, accounting for each nut and bolt. Then we securely strap down the parts to a trailer. Fred Quintana usually does the heavy lifting. He also came up with the brilliant idea to keep the hydraulics contained rather than draining the fluid.
Assembly is simply the same process in reverse. The trick, however, is getting it level and not losing any nuts and bolts. There are a lot of those suckers.
With assembly complete comes the big test; roll a $100,000++ car on it and see if it works. What could go wrong?!?
With another successful lift install done, I let the team partake in what they really came for - pizza.
- Agelon “T”
The Eagle
t was with a sad heart that I learned Well, almost. I do have to keep everyone that Ric Smith, KCRPCA member, organized. (See middle pic to the right)
  I had to take control
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