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During the 2015 Easter Season we made a trip to visit our eldest Son in New York City and to attend the New York Auto Show. Our Son “Tico” was a key point of contact for Porsche N. A. with responsibilities to help coordinate the Porsche Exhibit.
  Zero to 60 mph: 4.0 sec, 150 mph: 22.5 sec Standing 1⁄4-mile: 12.2 sec @ 116 mph
Top speed (mfr’s est): 180 mph
MPG: city/hwy: 18/24 mpg
Tico had informed us that Porsche was
making special plans for the Global launch of a new Boxster Spyder, that for the first time would feature a 911 S Engine along with numerous other serious performance upgrades in a Boxster.
I was at the show when Tico was helping to set up the new white Spyder with Black interior for the Porsche display. We both fell in love with the styling and low stance of the launch car. I told Tico that the Spyder was truly a car that I would love to own!
Fast forward to Fall when I received a call from Tico that his NY Porsche Region had just received a very rare allocation for a Spyder. He said that it was an allocation where the car could be built to our specs- an unbelievably cool opportunity!
Needless to say, we jumped on the opportunity and began a string of back and forth e-mails “building” the car with all of the special features that we wanted. It was definitely a fun Father and Son exercise!
Tico confirmed the order and the car was built and shipped in December of 2015 with arrival at the Port of Houston. Tico had tracked the build of the car and somehow managed to divert the planned NY January delivery to Aristocrat. We knew this Spyder was destined to be in our Family when the Vin number sequence contained the day of birth of my Wife, myself and Tico. In fact Tico was stunned when he recognized this number sequence which he had set for his high school locker! Yes, this will be a car that we keep in the Family,
Now that Tico is General Manager of Manhattan Motor Werks- the next step for the Spyder is a trip to his performance shop for a nice little HP boost!
- Mike
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