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 Stan Thorne
the board as a Director, and we kept teetering on breaking 700. When we finally made it, we thought that was big. Do I dare dream bigger and cast the vision of 1000 members?
Your board is always trying to think up new ways to attract new members. We have put flyers out at car events. We have printed up business cards to leave on parked cars that we see around Kansas City. But the best way to get new members is through you, our current members.
Just this weekend, a lovely lady showed up at breakfast. She had owned her 911 for a while and did not even know that PCA existed. That was until she went in for surgery. There on the table, her doctor said, “You own a Porsche? You should come out to breakfast and meet
Now, if a doctor can strike up a conversation right there in the O.R. (!), surely you can say something to your neighbor, or the guy down the street. Just say “Nice Car” and see where the conversation takes you.
We have some big events coming up. PCA Parade is the first weekend in July. It will be my first PCA Parade and I am expecting great things. I’m told there will be over 2,000 of my closest PCA friends there. That is kind of hard to imagine.
As a club, we keep having great turnouts. As your President, this is something that I am very proud of. And some day we will hit 1,000. Someday.
- Stan
A Major Milestone
8I00 Members
t finally happened. We officially have some people.” She did just that this past 800 members. I remember serving on Saturday morning!
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