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Honestly, I can’t think of much else I would rather be doing on a beautiful Saturday afternoon than being lost in the countryside with a group of some of my best friends. The extra loop seemed to add to the adventure of the day. New scenery, new roads, and new memories are always on my to-do list.
I think everyone should take their Porsche and drive off into the country side with no particular destination other than to find a road they have never been on. It clears the head.
Driving along the flowing roads of the northland gives you plenty of time to contemplate such philosophical driving antidotes.
Swooping down a long right-hand
sweeper my mind snapped back, as I suddenly recognized we were almost at Riverwood Winery. Riverwood is near Snow Creek and Weston, if that helps give you a geographical location. It is an odd place for a winery, sitting just off the road. Blink and you might miss it.
You could not miss it today. Almost 30 Porsches graced their front parking lot. Since we were bringing up the rear, most people were already inside.
Riverwood is actually quite large. They have several event rooms and a large tasting room. The tasting room has twice the poison. To your left is a wide selection of wine. To the right is a VERY wide selection of scotch, whiskies and bourbons. Attempting to be manly, I went right.
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