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Jul / Aug 2018
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The Long Way Riverwood Wi
The KCRPCA usually has about five Fun Runs per year. Our drive to Weston, MO and Riverwood Winery tends to be a very popular drive.
We gathered at our usual location; the Walmart just north of The Legends in KC KS. The parking lot is big and makes for an easy starting point. Actually, it makes for quite the car show also. Most people leaving Walmart tend to make a slow drive by looking at all the pretty Porsches. Most folks wave, but some stop, get out, and say hello. There is also the occasional, “I sold mine.” This is their loss. Because today, today is a
d as we made a U-turn up with the main pack.
beautiful day for a drive.
Our group headed out due west, looping around the Walmart and quickly heading north on some back roads. It always amazes me how quickly the club can find some curvy roads.
I have to give a special thank you to Fred Quintana, Agelon “T” Jones, Jim Cummings, Ric Smith, Bob Wollenman and now Mike Rehak for helping with our Fun Runs. These guys take time out of their busy weekends to go find
and drive the back roads that eventually become our Fun Runs.
This particular route took us on some roller coaster roads up near Fort Leavenworth. Come to think of it, there are several Fun Run routes that grace this part of Missouri. I wonder if the locals know how well they have it.
Leaving Fort Leavenworth, I put my windows down to listen to the howl of my Speedtech exhaust. It is also about this time that I noticed half our train of cars missing. How did that happen?
Never fear; we usually have a middle car and a sweeper car to scoop up anyone who gets lost. PCA National has asked us to use walkie-talkies to assist with communications. Nope. They rarely work out here in the boonies. We rely on members to get everyone where they are supposed to go.
I figured someone in the middle took a wrong turn. Nope. (That’s two nopes now). Turns out the lead car had taken a wrong turn. Well, he did not take a wrong turn. It was more like he did not turn, and just drove past it.
I laughed as we made a U-turn to catch up with the main pack. Of course, a U-turn means we had to drive briskly to catch up with everyone else.

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