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 If you won an award at Parade please come to the Quintana’s Ocktoberfest. We want a picture of all the winners! Saturday, Sept 15th.
went out and made us all proud by winning Tech Quizzes, Time Distance Speed Rallies, Art Photography, Concours Events and Website and Newsletter honors.
Within the group of honorees was Stan Thorne, our club President and editor of the club magazine. His wife, Deborah is the club’s webmeister. Stan and his family were awarded Porsche’s Family of the Year, a great distinction to a terrific family.
Speaking of awards, Stan Thorne, our president, has asked anyone who won an award at parade to attend the Quintana’s Ocktoberfest. The event is Saturday, September 15th. Stan wants a picture of everyone with their awards. Imagine the club with as many members as possible, and the Parade winners out front. Should make for a great picture.
More banquets, an ice cream social, seminars, touring old Route 66, an actual parade of nearly 200 Porsches, and a farewell fireworks show. What more could you ask for? I know my family reunions could never measure up to this.
So if you haven’t done a Parade, don’t hesitate to take a road trip and enjoy the next one (said to be in Florida). I guarantee you will have a great time and come home with new friends on your contact list, tons of photos and lasting memories. See you on the road.
- Jim
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