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much I should reveal about the whole, incredible experience? Should I talk about where we went and how fast, or is PCA like Fight Club? The first rule of Fun Runs is that we don’t talk about FUN RUNS. Ha! So I will start with this, I get wordy at times, so feel free to skim to the good parts: #Porsche, #911, #oncoming traffic, #crap-your-pants.
enough to commit to the August 25th Fun Run. Like in all the novels, ‘little did he know...’ that this would be a pivotal day.
The run was really well planned and organized. There was a designated meet point, and everyone that signed up showed up on time or before--impressive for any car club. The friendship and re- spect that everyone had for each other
My First Fun Run
hen President Stan Thorne they were cancelled due to weather; asked me to write up a short spring really did suck, and sometimes story about my very first fun life just intervened. In August, the stars
run, I agreed...then wondered just how aligned and the schedule opened up
The crux of the story is that this 91
Since buying the 911 \[a 1999 Carrera 3.4 for those taking notes\] and joining PCA last November, I had missed every driving event so far in 2018. Sometimes
was humbling and contagious. This was a group of longtime friends and newbies like me. People came up to introduce themselves and ask about my car. Eve-
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