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ryone made the rounds while waiting for the start. It was a great morning for pictures – I had brought my trusty Nikon and got a few.
There was a short but to the point safety briefing. This was not a race – it was lead-and-follow and there were some ground rules. Then it was time to line up and go. I just fell into line somewhere near the end; where those that drove the ‘sweeper’ slots would see me and come to my rescue if I got lost or turned the wrong way...not that this ever happens.
attending club races and getting real exposure when photo assignments took me to IMSA and PWC events. The itch was festering, but I have to give some credit to Bob Wayman for helping me take that final step out of the comfort zone and onto the Slippery Slope that Lin Burney had warned me about. A few years ago, I contacted Bob through the old KCWS web site and in the course of things, he offered me a ride in the Pumpkin. We took a spirited tour of the roundabouts and back roads out in Lenexa, and from
s a car I should have bought ten years ago
The crux of the story is that this 911 is a car that I should have bought ten years ago. The car exceeded every expectation that I had. I’ve had the Porsche bug for years; reading up, asking questions,
that point a Porsche was etched into my bucket list.
The start of the drive was predictable. There was a lot of cars trying to get
 Photos by Kevin Arburn and
Cindy Quintana
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