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DRIVING EVENT KEVIN: Ready for Launch KEVIN ARBURN in a parking lot. My  rst autocross was with an other local car club years ago. Both events had the same goal; set the fastest time around a pre-set course of the dreaded cones. However in compar- ing them, I was really impressed with the KCRPCA’s version of this theme. Even though I have organized and helped run autocross events with that other club, the level of organization and preparation here was impressive. Rudy and the crew had most everything set up and were handling the mapping of the course when most of us arrived. ers while Rudy & Company assigned car numbers and had us  ll in the blanks on the grid sheet that they would use for recording times. Speaking of lap times; that equipment is awesome! I was amazed at the high-tech, digital readout timing setup. The KCRPCA gear made the stuff we have for my other car club look like a combination of an abacus and hourglass. Another check goes in the ‘awesome’ column! By my rough count, there were at least twenty cars on the grid, and after a quick but thorough driver’s meeting, the  rst KCRPCA Autocross BI ATTLE OF THE CONES attended my  rst KCRPCA autocross We were organized into a grid of four this September. The event was not my run groups and everyone passed around  rst introduction to the maze of cones the clip board with the requisite waiv- 26 NOV / DEC 2019 

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