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group was off and running. It was one group after another, run after run, with- out a hitch until all groups completed three runs. Everything went smoothly. Backing up a little; with PCA auto- cross, helmets are a requirement, not an option. I liked the safety- rst attitude of PCA. They put the same emphasis on safety with the lower speed events as they do with track-based events. Another facet that was really cool, for me at least, was that instead of one lap of the course and a panic stop in a box at the end, you did TWO laps of the cone gauntlet and exited at speed! Then the driver got a slow-down and a turn at the far end back to the grid. Having seen some stop-in-the-box efforts at other au- tocross events that did not end well, the KCRPCA version seemed much safer. Plus, you had the chance to go back and hit the same cones all over again on that second lap! Each run group got three runs of two laps, and watching the interaction and enthusiasm of everyone there, regard- less of ability, made the whole experi- ence special for me. I never looked at the tally sheet for my times; it just didn’t matter. I’m a perpetual novice. I learned that autocross may not be my niche in the Porsche world. That said, just get- ting out and running the car like it was meant to be run, in a  rst-class, profes- sional event with a group of friends to share the day, was everything that I was looking for – and more. - Kevin 28 NOV / DEC 2019 Iliked the safety- rst attit lower speed events as t u h 

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