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I had the honor of handling the “classroom” sessions for the Group 1 and 2 students. There were 20+ “new” people. They all had the same look on their faces. Each was super eager to begin learning new and exciting skills to be applied in the handling of their cars. It is always very satisfying to see how their con dence and skill level improve over the weekend. It is safe to say that I met the vast majority of my closest friends at track events over the years; a wide variety of individuals brought together by a shared interest in our unique hobby. It will happen to you too, should you choose to join us. Hint. Hint. The other thing that stood out at this event is how the composition of the cars has changed over the years. When I started this over a decade ago, the Porsche of choice for most beginners was the 944. Now it appears that the Boxster has really NOV / DEC 2019 39 

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