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S R O P F O C B H U E L C A M E R I C A 40 NOV / DEC 2019 Photos by Chuck Hanna taken over. And why not? Boxsters are affordable, reliable, safe and best of all, a blast to drive. It never fails to amaze me how competent modern cars have become. Modern Porsches are extraordinarily compliant to a driver’s input and have very high speed potential when driven on a racetrack. The car’s capabilities of speed, braking, and turning make it all the more important that you attend a PCA DE. You will get in-car instruction to enable you to become safe and fast, in that order. The KCRPCA has some of the best instructors in the country. You will also be pleasantly surprised at how much safer your street driving will become once you learn your cars’ capabilities; to look well ahead and The car’s capabilities of sp you attend a PCA DE. Yo fast, in that order. And the K how to use your brakes and that big round thing in front of you. So, what are you waiting for? Make plans to join us in 2020 at a track event. You might not get to the point where you put almost 15, 000 miles on your track car, but you will meet fun and interesting people and have the time of your life. I promise. KCRPCA Kansas City Region ZONE 10 - Bob 

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