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EDITOR’S COLUMN 6 NOV / DEC 2019 STAN THORNE Pumpkins are being carved. There are festivals and cider donuts. I am pretty sure that Fall is my favorite season. Spring might be a close second, but Fall is  rst. My favorite memories come from the fall. I proposed to my lovely wife in the fall. We were adult to parent in the Fall with the birth of my  rst daughter, McKenna. Life sure has changed since then. Yes, Fall is a good season. One of my favorite things to do in the Fall is to go for a long drive. This usually entails putting the windows down and turning the temperature up, possibly even putting the bun warmers on if the temp is too cold. With the windows down, you can experience the drive better. You can smell burning leaves. You can hear your exhaust note. Your senses come alive. And, if you have a turbocharged Porsche, it comes alive. Cold air is denser. Denser air combusts better. Better combustion means more horsepower. So, I guess you could argue that turbos also like the season of Fall. Porsche people even seem to like the Fall. It is the club’s busiest time of the year. We have a fun run to St. Joseph for BBQ, which is graciously hosted by the Wollenman’s. The Quintana’s opened their home for Oktoberfest, complete with games and prizes. Rudy Rodriguez squeezes in a few autocrosses as the season wraps up. We even have our Fall Driver’s Education at Heartland Park, organized by David Stadtmueller. Yes, Fall is a wonderful time of the year. So much so, I think I’ll go get my keys. I hear a back road calling my name. Fall Foliage Fun TIURBOS LIKE COLD AIR t is that time of year again. Fall is here. in Herrman, MO for their Oktoberfest The air is crisp. The trees are changing celebrations. If you have not been, it is colors. Fire pits keep neighbors warm. worth the weekend getaway. I went from - Stan 

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