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S R O P F O C B H U E L C A M E R I C A 62 NOV / DEC 2019 FINAL DRIVE KCRPCA Kansas City Region ZONE 10 Ticket To Ride A 911T STORY PETROLICIOUS Published on Nov 5th, 2019 Bart Kuykens has already given a lot of his time to Porsche 911s. He puts together multi-volume books about these cars and the people that own them with his own photographs, and he maintains, modi es, drives, and generally loves his own, a 1970 911T. The car featured in today’s  lm is Bart’s 911, but it’s also, as he describes, his ticket. To freedom, to a smile on his face after a long day. A ticket to places where he can meet people who are similarly smitten with old air-cooled Porsches, whether those places be high in the Alps or in the corner of his local car meet parking lot. See the photoshoot and read more here: https:// More  lms, articles, and photos: 

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