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 IT’S THE PEOPLE DRIVE. EAT. REPEAT. WE HAVE 78 EVENTS ON OUR CALENDAR. START WITH BREAKFAST! SOCIAL CHAIR into Pegah’s private dining room, reserved just for us. It is a great casual way to get to know your fellow KCRPCA members. HOLLY JUCKETTE - Holly 11 JOIN US FOR BREAKFAST We are a busy club. We have 78 events on our calendar. Between fun-runs, lunches, club races, autocrosses, DEs, and breakfast our cars get a lot of exercise. Looking for a first event? Try a fun-run or breakfast. Our next two big events coming are Changing of the Guard and the Rolex watch party. There is more info on these events on our website and to the top right. New member? Try joining us for breakfast. We eat breakfast every Saturday at Pegah’s Restaurant, near 87th & Quivira. The early birds start showing up around 7:00 AM to talk cars, exhaust, tires and ways to spend each other’s money. Around 7:15 to 7:30 AM, we meander  YEARS   12 Der Sportwagen  

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