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 TELL THE STORY NEW YEAR NEW LOOK SOMETIMES IT IS TIME FOR A FRESH NEW LOOK Ihave been lucky enough to be the Der Sportwagen Editor since January 2014. That makes 2020 the start of my 7th year. During that time, we have had some major milestones. We have had three new redesigns, with 2020 being our 4th new look. We have won three first place trophies and one second place trophy in the PCA National Newsletter Contests. In 2016, we won the Betty Jo Turner, Best Overall Newsletter! I was very honored and excited to win that one. It has been fun so far. I look forward to telling your story, the KCRPCA story, for another year. Who knows, we might even win another award for it. You never know. - Stan EDITOR IN-CHIEF STAN THORNE  11  10 Der Sportwagen YEARS  

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