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 FROM THE TOP LOOKING FORWARD OUR GROWTH IN THE FUTURE IS BECAUSE OF OUR PAST PRESIDENT Wow, has it been a year already? It’s 2020 and time to begin another season of enjoyment with our Porsches. The year will bring Autocross, Club Racing, Drivers Education (track), Social Activities, PCA Parade and Treffen, Region Driving Tours, National concours and historic events. Porsches will compete in IMSA, Formula E and various other auto sports. Also, I highly recommend if you are in the Atlanta or LA area in 2020, to take time to go through the Porsche Experience Centers. A dozen or so club members went to the Atlanta Experience Center a few years back and had a blast! Plus, there’s always the opportunity to “break bread” every Saturday morning with many of your KCRPCA faithful. You never know what exciting events may result from a gathering of 40 Porschephiles after breakfast. I’m humbled and excited to be allowed the opportunity, as region President, to represent the Kansas City Region Porsche Club of America for 2020. This year is exceptionally important because it is the 60th Anniversary for the Kansas City Region Porsche Club. I’ve had the opportunity to observe and learn from several past presidents; each one brought qualities that continually lead our region to successful years as members of PCA. To follow Ralph Light, Robert “Bob” Wayman, Tim Bubniak, and Stan Thorne, is an opportunity I appreciate. Our recent past-president, Stan Thorne, led the Kansas City Region to PCA prominence on many levels. What better way to recognize Stan, and the 2019 Directors, than at our Changing of the Guard party. Once again, it will be held at Porsche Kansas City. It is a wonderful time to say thank you to 2019 Directors for their time and effort contributed to the club and welcome the 2020 board to their new positions. Agelon “T” Jones 09  8 Der Sportwagen YEARS  

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