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 26 Der Sportwagen #2PIC It installs with minimal, if any, tools and by about anyone within minutes. (See Pic 2) The pad keeper is made by application as each model of aircooled car is a little different for mounting and cutouts. For the 964, it came with 5 new screw in buttons to hold everything in place which are longer than the originals to allow for the extra thickness of the 911 Pad Keeper. 4 screws to use, and one for a spare. They have thought of those butterfingers out there who will inevitably drop one in the engine bay and be unable to find it during installation. Installing the keeper is quite easy. You will remove the 4 center screw buttons that are holding the pad in place by hand. They start above the blower motor on the left side of the engine bay, and as you move to the right side, the last one is above the airbox. Then you will slide the Pad Keeper in place, lining up the mounting holes to the studs from which you just removed the plastic button screws. Once in place, take the longer screw buttons that come with the kit and secure the pad keeper in place. (See Pic 3, 4 & 5) Now I will say with the 964 and the 993, the new screw button above the fan blower motor on the left side of the engine bay is just long enough to not want to fit into place. If you have sagging engine mounts, you will probably have enough room, or with enough work, you might get it squeezed in there. Valerie’s 964 has RS mounts which made things a bit tight, so I decided it was quicker to lower that side of the engine about a 1⁄4” for clearance. This is done by inserting a long extension and socket up through the bottom of the engine tray and turning the mounting nut a couple of turns. No need to remove the nut completely, and I would suggest supporting the engine with a jack just in case if you are unsure of how much to loosen it or have never lowered the engine before. You could also loosen up the fan motor in the engine bay (2 10mm bolts), but for me, the engine mount was the quicker solution. The engine mount bolts are quite long with lots of threads so  

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