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 you shouldn’t come anywhere near removing the nut from the mounting bolt. Once your Pad Keeper screw button is in place, tighten up your engine mount nut. Maybe this is why there is an extra screw button, because they know you will lose one fiddling with installing the one above the fan motor. With that, grab a beer, yell to your 3  wife that you’ll be done in another hour, and enjoy your time in the garage. (See Pic 6) Installation is done in 10-15 minutes at the most. The fit and finish of this product is very nice, and it is well thought out. Even if your pad isn’t sagging yet, I think this is a great protective product to help prevent it from sagging in the future. As far as purchasing goes, you will find many independent Porsche shops are now starting to carry this line, or you can Google the “911 Pad Keeper” and find David Etter’s facebook page who created the product. He is currently working on a wider distribution plan, but right now is still on a small scale. Currently production is out of Colorado, which makes for quick shipping to Kansas/ Missouri. # PIC  #4 PIC  - Karl  #6PIC #5PIC Der Sportwagen 27 

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