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      Depending on the level of scenic for the route, each direction totals about 160 miles from Lawrence, Kansas, give or take a dozen. Total elapsed trip time is thankfully irrelevant in the 356 as it has no dash clock. As we all know, a trip such as this really starts weeks before, with prepping and checking the car, packing, and washing dozens of cleaning towels. In my case, I the journey is half the fun, but in an old car, the journey becomes 85% of the “fun.” People always say around the bumper in combination with blue painter’s tape. It worked great to make the car look ridiculous and gather even more stares through the multiple small Kansas towns along the way. thought that taking apart half of my A’s front nose would be an efficient way to clean off some old bug residue and polish out some paint sins from incompatible cleaning products. Two lessons were learned: 1. Be sure those fancy new Griot’s products work harmlessly on 36 year old single stage paint, and 2. Take better notes during disassembly. I also thought I’d try a new tactic for bug control by looping Saran Wrap  For the second year, this was to be a two 356 caravan from Lawrence with fellow Registry  Der Sportwagen 37 

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