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member Toby Brown and his brother Tom. And for the second year, no one will believe he actually owns a 356 as the two brothers showed up at the rendezvous point in Toby’s late production VW Beetle convertible. I’m sure the VW is a great car, but it’s not a 356. Maybe next year...? stable, and surprisingly comfortably, even by modern car standards. With its original 60hp engine, it will never be a speed demon, but holding 65- 70 mph was never taxing. At times, I had to wonder if that little VW bug following me could keep up. And as always, the Adidas cruise control system worked flawlessly.   38 Der Sportwagen My high tech Porsche/iPhone PCM infotainment system provided nice background music and up to date navigation while I enjoyed a peaceful, albeit drizzly drive through the country on nicely paved back road highways. When the music cut out regularly from a lack of cell phone coverage, the anemic 356 windshield wipers kept me entertained. Watching the wipers blow halfway up the windshield every time a car passed from the opposite direction made me wonder how in the hell people drove cars like this all the time fifty or sixty years ago. Regardless, what impressed me again was the ride quality for a sixty-two year old car. The car drove smooth, For whatever reason, and no matter how early we arrive on Friday, the weekend always turns into a mad rush. Despite all efforts, the car arrives a mess of bugs and road grime from the rain. Quickie car wash, detail, hotel desk clerk bribery, more detailing, and some late lunch are all we have time for before heading to the downtown McPherson Cruise-in. Side by side with the VW, we were actually making quite a pair parked in the middle of the street, gathering lots of interest, until Bob Newton’s 356 Speedster arrived to become the new bright shiny thing for the crowd. Despite that, seeing all the variety in the downtown setting was fun. Icing on the cake was the thumbs up and “great car” from a couple of very important looking people wearing coats and ties while driving off Main Street. And the desk clerk bribery paid off with covered parking under the main hotel entry canopy. However, Saturday dawned cloudy and drizzly. All that bribery was for naught as the car was soaked. But, as has been tradition all four of my years at the show, the sky cleared and the weather turned picture perfect. Most entrants were in the same boat, frantically drying and detailing. Even the trailer queens had to do some cleaning work that morning. All that work paid off as my shiny clean 356 attracted all sorts   

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