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 FUN RUN TO ST. JOSEPH ROLLER COASTER DRIVE THE NORTHLAND’S ROLLING HILLS MAKE FOR A PERFECT DRIVE CLUB MEMBER JEFF WAGONER November 2, 2019, was a beautiful, sunny fall afternoon. There was a total of 60 members of the Kansas City Region Porsche Club of America gathered in 33 Porsches at “The Station” in Parkville, Missouri, for a fun run to the Bob and Connie Wollenman estate in St. Joseph, Missouri. The club has done this “St. Joe” drive several times, but each year Bob Wollenman changes up the route. Bob Wollenman and his son, Nick, led the pack on an exciting back roads tour through Weston, Missouri and along the Missouri River. knew when he could lead the pack out a little and when to slow us down for important turns. The roads were lightly traveled, so the group was able to stay together. As the group arrived on the southern outskirts of St. Joseph, it was met by a barrage of officers from the St. Joseph Police Department. Fortunately for the group, Bob Wollenman is a highly connected man in St. Joseph, MO. One phone call and he had arranged them as a police escort right through the middle of town! Now that is a class act. Thank you Bob! As our drive continued, the club paraded from south to north and wound through numerous beautiful parks and boulevards of St. Joseph. This was the perfect time of year for a drive through the Northland, the foliage on the trees was in full splendor, the weather was perfect, and the parade of Porsches looked perfect as the snaked along. 06 YEARS  46 Der Sportwagen To describe these roads as roller coasters would be an understatement. They rose and fell so many times I lost count. They looped back and forth on themselves I had a hard time telling which way was North or South. One thing for sure, Bob knew them like the back of his hand. That is very helpful when you are leading a pack as large as ours. He  

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